Dental Insurance

Dental Insurance Providers in Ireland

There are various dental insurance options to patients in Ireland, either through an employee benefit at work, or by purchasing a policy privately. This insurance will help to cover some general consultations in addition to fees for more advanced treatments like Braces, Dental Crowns or Dental Implants. On this page we will explain the different providers, the range of benefits you may have and also how to make a successful claim for treatment.

VHI Healthcare

VHI Healthcare is one of Ireland's leading providers of health and dental insurance to employees and private individuals. If you have dental insurance through VHI we receive payment directly and you only need to pick up the costs that they don't cover.

Laya Healthcare

Laya Healthcare is a health insurance company based in Cork, that provides a range of health and dental benefits to businesses, employees and individuals. If you have dental insurance with Laya you will need to pay for your treatment in full and then seek reimbursement from them directly. You can login to their website to see your benefits and cover entitlements, we would recommend doing this before visiting the practice for treatment.

Website: Laya Healthcare Phone: 021 2022000

Irish Life Dental

Similar to Laya Dental, members of Irish Life Dental will need to pay for their treatment in full, and then claim directly from their policy with Irish Life. Our team have extensive experience with dental benefits and can help you to complete the paperwork and make a claim on your insurance policy.

Website: Irish Life Health Phone: 01 5625100